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Today, I’ll be telling you the story of a fat kid to make up for all the times I didn’t post even with my endless promises.😊

Okay,back then in primary school, I used to be slim,sometimes when I look at old photos, if not for my face that didn’t change, I’m sure I would have denied it’s me, then around Js 2 (Junior secondary class 2), I started to blow up and it was really bad cos I was a little bit closer to the ground (in lay man’s English; it’s means shorter😂😳) and then there were these 4 guys in my class that year that started making fun of me especially in Js 3, it got so bad that they even came up with a nickname for me; amoeba”. *sighs and rolls eyes * , and my family didn’t even help matters as they were always complaining I liked eating and that my tummy usually looked like a pregnant woman’s own after I eat, my Mum even had to get a coach for me so we could go and exercise every morning at the state’s stadium. *breaks down into invincible tears* 😂 Well, it was for the best sha.

Well, few months later,the coach called my mum aside and told her he doesn’t think I can slim down to the way I was before because I have a fat bone, so the best thing is just to try and maintain that size (and I did for close to 5years…. I recently added 6kg in less than 5months).

Ahh! When the coach told my Mum that stuff ehn, God, I felt terrible,it’s like a doctor telling you that the drugs which he gave you that were supposed to cure your illness that your body refused to respond to treatment, and then you begin to feel like a death wish has just been placed on your life and you start to feel terrible, and maybe sink into depression, and that was exactly how I felt, I sank so deep into depression that I even refused to make any effort to pull myself out of it, I just let myself sink deeper into it, and didn’t let no one know. (At this point, you might be wondering what can ever make a 13/14 year Nigerian teen get depressed, but, that is a story for another day ehn).😀😳

Damn, I got tired of feeling miserable, I just had to accept it, will I come and goan kill myself because I am fat?

Well, long story short, I snapped out of the depression, thank God for people like my bestie; Serah in my life at that time, who helped me, we came up with nicknames for the guys who used to make fun of me, I started smiling more, tried losing small weight, started accepting how I was and gave people a never ending lecture about how I don’t care what your thoughts are about me being fat, seriously, is it their fatness? Or, am I blind enough not to notice my own body? And other stuff (another story for another day, just pray I receive inspiration sha). *sighs and rolls eyes again.😂

Summary is, these days when people look at me, they hardly talk about my fat, they just compliment my smile, hips, personality, that I write and other things and sometimes make me wonder if they don’t even notice all this fat, well, even if they do, I got better things like my professional exams, my family, my blog, my future and a thousand and one other things to think about. Plus, I am the one who gives beauty to whatever dress I decide to put on.

1. Stop worrying about what people think about how you look or how you are, remember people will always talk, you cannot goan kill yourself because of some individuals who just can’t put their noses where it is supposed to be, and just accept your awesome, weird but cool self.
2. Remember, it’s you who gives beauty to whatever you decide to put on. At this point, I know some people will now goan put anyhow cloth on because of what Kenyo said. Please and please, dress beautifully regardless of where you are going (another story for another day, don’t worry I’ll post all of them in their own due time ehn). *laughs a mild evil laugh*😂😂
3. Embrace your imperfections. Remember they are part of you.

Please, share with me other lessons you can pick from this story and how you overcame something that kept depressing you.

Adios, mi amigo (Yes, yes, I am still learning Spanish o, even though it’s only 1-4 I know for now sha). *sighs, rolls eyes and wonders why languages are not my thing *

P. S – I decided to add a photo of me (from last year though)…… Yea, I know you might be wondering where’s the fat I claim to have, well, that’s all thanks to the fact that I added a little height. 😂

Photo credit : Soulled_out (make sure to follow her on IG, she follows back).😉

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Children’s Day 2K18.

Hey there, welcome to khenyorwritings 😊.

In Nigeria, every May 27th is set aside to celebrate the children of its nation, pretty cool right?
So, I decided to do two things in honour of the day, the first being this post you are reading and the second is posting one of my old poems about me missing the good old days in honour of the day (Yea, now you know I write poems😅).

So, Happy Children’s Day to y’all, and please save me the talk about you not needing this greeting as you are no longer a child, because we are all children in the sight of our parents and God.

Khenyorwritings wishes you an amazing week ahead.

P. S – Sorry I have been away for too long, I’ll make it up to you, I promise, so, y’all should get ready. 😎 *laughs a wicked laugh*😁

To view more of my write ups, drop your contact in the comment box (preferably your Whatsapp line) and I promise to drop a message.


Hello there,welcome to khenyorwritings.

  Trust that you have been great,and Valentine’s day treated you better then me as I am not really a fan of all this Valentine stuff….don’t ask me why,because I still don’t know too.

  So,guys guess what dropped yesterday? Aargh,don’t reply me with “what” like my friends do.

It’s a single by our very own Mirano Sounds feat. Vino and King Drexy to help spice things up a bit this love season titled PHASED OUT.

  All you have to do to get it,is to follow this link to download:

Don’t forget to tell me what you think guys.

P.S- If you are like me who listens to various songs based on your mood,there’s no need to worry as PHASED OUT mi amigo is for any time or mood of the day.

6 other ways to say I LOVE YOU.💕

Hola,welcome to Khenyorwritings!

How have you been? How’s your day going? I hope it’s less stressful than mine.

First,before I go on,I would like to give a toast to the new month,which ain’t so new anymore.😅 I pray that in this new month,even if we don’t find love,may we be able to love those we cherish even more. Here’s khenyorwritings wishing you the very best of the best in February. *clinks glass*

So,I know in this month of love, we have already started telling our loved ones all those lovey dovey,mushy words/flattering them(as my bestie Onyi would say) and we/they are already getting tired of it,here’s some ways of saying I LOVE YOU in some other languages to help spice things a bit.

French – Je t’aime (pronounced Juhtem)

Spanish – Te amo (pronounced Tayahmo)

Italian – Ti amo (pronounced Teaahmo)

Chinese – Wo ie ni (pronounced woaheyenigh)

German – Ish liebe dich (pronounced ickleebahdich)

Japanese – Aishiteru (pronounced ayesheeteru)

I’ll love to hear from you if this helps.

Yours Truly,

Priscilla Kenyo.
P.S – Guess who started learning Spanish? Of course,you know who. Adiós mi amigo (allow me show off small na).

First Post

Hey there,welcome to khenyorwritings.

There are many reasons why I opened this blog,the first being that,I’ve always had a yearning to share with the world or should I say my little world of all that I read or came across and I’m glad that I can take that to a higher scale,I really hope this blog helps me achieve that.

Stay tuned guys,forget the fact that I technically abandoned this blog for over 6 months(finally motivated myself to get back to it),main thing is Kenyo is baaackkk in dah game! *puts on my show time glasses *

First lesson guys,you have to pull yourself out of that depressing,annoying,and procrastinating state and soon too. Do that thing you have always wanted to do but never could blah blah blah….you already know the rest of the motivating talk.

P.S – forget that the name and picture don’t really go together,Khenyor is just a funky spelling of the real and right spelling of  Kenyo.

Yours truly,

Priscilla Kenyo